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The main predisposing factors to the progression of dysthymic disorder. Based on the characteristics of the course, dysthymia can have the following forms. With somatized dysthymia, the patient gradually feels unwell, constipation appears, and the heartbeat increases. In addition, such a person complains of inderal disturbance, unmotivated lacrimation, shortness of breath. Against the background of all this, his mood decreases, an inexplicable feeling of anxiety, depression and sadness appears.


Characterologyc dysthymia is characterized by the manifestation of persistent disorders that do not go away over a long period of time. A person is in a state of anhedonia, blues, looks pessimistically at life and at his existence in the world. In addition, the clinical picture is complemented by a bad mood and depressive syndrome.

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They say about dysthymic disorder if for two years almost all the time a person is in a bad mood, his condition is depressed. Such a diagnosis can only be made if the patient has two or more of the following symptoms. Dysthymia - what is it? Causes and symptoms, treatment. In recent years, the number of propranolol suffering from various mental illnesses has been steadily increasing. Many of them are accompanied by depressive manifestations, weakness and decreased mood. These diseases are of varying severity. Minor depressive disorders include dysthymia. The sections of this article describe this disease in detail. Dysthymia is a mental disorder that has a chronic course and is manifested by such signs as a depressed emotional state without the presence of severe behavioral disorders and somatic pathologies. This is a mild form of depression.

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Pathology occurs as a result of various causes - both external and internal. The main factors that trigger the mechanisms of the development of the disease include the following. genetic predisposition. In families where there were cases of the disease, it can occur even in children of childhood. However, parents often confuse dysthymia with manifestations of the personal characteristics of their son or daughter. Violations of the functioning of the brain (insufficient production of the hormone serotonin). Nervous strain, trouble at work, difficulties in personal relationships. Lack of sleep. So, dysthymia is a mental disorder that occurs under the influence of various factors. Therefore, each case must be considered on an individual basis.

Factors that provoke the disease.

Who is most at risk of getting sick? Most often, this mental disorder begins to buy propranolol itself in youth, sometimes it occurs in minors. However, there are such types of disease (for example, endoreactive dysthymia) that are observed in the elderly. As a rule, pathology manifests itself within two years and even for a longer time. A depressed emotional state is observed in patients for 2-3 months or more, and periods of improvement are short-lived. The younger the patient, the more pronounced his symptoms. Most patients with dysthymia suffer from other types of inderal pills. schizophrenic or manic-depressive disorder, panic attacks, phobia, addiction to alcohol or drugs. However, in general, pronounced disorders of social adaptation are not typical for patients.